Supernatural Tarot Theme Icons Set.

Fandom: Supernatural.
Subject: General series 2006/7.
# of Icons:
Credits: Caps: Striped Wall - capped by bluebear_74.
Font: Pea Mystie Unicase.


Major Arcana full setCollapse )

5 x The Lovers, 3 x Death, 1 x The World.

VariationsCollapse )

Who/what of the icons: Who and what is in each icon. *Also note* These icons do contain spoilers up to and including 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2'.

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(no subject)

Fandom: Torchwood
Subject: General Series, 2006/7.
# of Icons: 22 with 10 variants.
Credits: Caps: and
Scratch texture: By toybirds.
Font: 4990810.


22 Major ArcanaCollapse )

Variants: 5 x The Lovers, 1 x Death, 2 x The Moon, 2 x The Sun.

10 variantsCollapse )

Set with variants without the scratchy textures: 22 Icons with 10 variants.

32 icons in totalCollapse )

Who/what of the icons: Who and from what ep is in each icon. *Also note* These icons do contain spoilers up to and including 'End of Days.'
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Claim Completed!

Well, I cheated a tiny bit - did all the icons for kicks before I ever considered joining (you can "thank" pinkocracy for that). But here we go - hope they're not too terrible:

Fandom: Wrestling
Subject: Shawn Michaels/Triple H
#Icons: 22
Credits: TripleHUnleashed,, and for caps, as well as princessshannon for her DVD-quality caps over at hbk_daily.
Spoilers: So that would be Shawn and Hunter's storylines for Raw and PPVs for the past nine years?
Warnings: I've got my slash goggles locked and loaded for this one. You can bring yours along or leave them at home, your choice.


Are we degenerates? I think I'd have to be one . . .Collapse )

Notes: Much love goes to _head1st4halos_, who's ten times the graphics genius I am, for her support and fellow fangirling. Also, to the gang at hbk_daily, who are ridiculously awesome and supportive.
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